Tanzania clamps down on child abuse

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Following a rise in incidents of child abuse, Tanzania is taking steps to tighten laws protecting children.

Officials say they will tighten penalties in the Child Act of 2009 to enforce legal provisions that would protect Tanzanian children from violence in different forms, mostly at family levels.

Dr. Dorothy Gwajima, the Minister for Community Development, Gender, Women, and Special Groups, says a special task force has been formed to work closely with the Director of Public Prosecutions in reviewing the act for proper amendment.

The 2009 Child Act provides reform and consolidation of laws relating to children, stipulates the rights of the child, and promotes, protects, and maintains the welfare of a child with a view to giving effect to international and regional conventions on the rights of the child in Tanzania.

Data from the Tanzania Police Force indicates that over 27 000 children were exposed to various kinds of violence between 2020 and 2022.