Tamelyn Bock to represent SA at Miss Wheelchair World in Mexico

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Miss Wheelchair South Africa, Tamelyn Bock, is to represent the country at Miss Wheelchair World in Mexico in North America.

The 26-year-old Bock, who originates from Okiep in Namaqualand, was crowned Miss Wheelchair South Africa at the inaugural competition in December last year. 

Bock says she never imagined she will be crowned the first Miss Wheelchair South Africa.

This was her first pageant and she still hopes her crown will raise awareness of women living with disabilities.

“It was the first pageant, so history was made and I am very proud of myself, and a big part of the pageant is to raise awareness for women with disabilities. The focus is also on beauty without barriers or beauty without limits and we also focus on breaking stereotypical barriers in changing negative perceptions.”

Despite Bock’s reign being marred with challenges, she perseveres. She struggled to get financial assistance to participate in the Miss Wheelchair World in Mexico, competing against 23 beauties around the world.

However, she says she is hopeful she will do well if she gets a chance.

“I am not sorted, I am not where I need to be yet, but I am hopeful that I will represent our country at Miss Wheelchair World. I have reached out to many organisations and government departments and you know I have been promised.”

Bock says she is thankful to the people who have been assisting her to ensure she participates in the Miss Wheelchair World.

“I think the fact that I made history gave me a boost, so I have the passion to bring the crown home, and I would like to make South Africa proud and I would like to take this opportunity and this journey to actually bring change in our land.”

South Africans are encouraged to visit Miss Wheelchair World on social media, scroll to Bock’s picture and either like or comment to vote for her.

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