Zambian opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema says talks to restore the rule of law in his country have not materialised and this has left citizens in despair.

He is currently in South Africa to meet with stakeholders.

In 2017, Hichilema spent four months in prison, when he was accused of treason and was later released after state prosecutors dropped the charges.

He says they have been trying to have dialogue with the government, to ensure that no one spends time behind bars unnecessarily.

“The dialogue processes were meant to raise hopes that we will restore the rule of law, through the dialogue process. We will restore human right liberties and freedom; we will end political violence by and large including the unprofessional conduct of the police.”

“We will truly have independent electoral commission, which will deliver free and fair elections. And that is an environment which will bring about peace and stability and hopefully a platform for growth for investment. This has not happened. I think most of the citizens hopes have been dashed,” adds Hichilema.