A salary increase for bus drivers is one among several negotiation issues to be discussed at the South African Road Passenger Bargaining Council in Johannesburg Thursday.

The aim is to end the crippling nationwide strike. The Unions are demanding a 12% pay hike, while the employers say they can only afford six to 7%.

The bus drivers have also stated that they will not end the strike until their demands have been met.

They say employers are trying to compromise with them on a smaller wage increase than the one proposed by the drivers.

The chair of Saftu affiliated Transport and Allied Workers Union of South Africa, Aubrey Mahlangu says the working conditions of bus drivers will also be discussed.

“Substantive issues we talk of in terms of the S&T, and again when I’m in Limpopo or Mozambique or any other designation that might be required by the passenger, I should expect a habitable accommodation,” Mahlangu says.

“The other thing we are saying (is that) the spread over that is required by the Basic Conditions of Employment Act is 12-hour per week and employers are sticking on the 14-hours which is fatigue to drivers.”

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