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The year 2011 marks the 23rd anniversary of World Aids Day, thus making it the longest-running international health commemorative day.
The global theme for the World Aids Day Campaign is ‘Getting to Zero’, which echoes the UNAIDS’ vision of achieving ‘Zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths’. This theme seeks to encourage individuals and communities to have non-discriminatory and non-judgemental access to adequate HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and tuberculosis (TB) prevention, treatment, care and support.
In South Africa, the vent will be celebrated in the Eastern Cape under the subtheme ‘South Africa is Taking Responsibility…on a PATH to Eliminating the TB and HIV Epidemics.
During the 2011 World Aids Day Campaign, emphasis will be on providing universal access to HIV, STIs and TB prevention, treatment, care and support.

In 2010, some 280 000 South Africans died of HIV/Aids

Special radio reports: SAfm
SAfm will be running special radio stories on Aids from Nov 29 to Dec 1, 2011 on AM and PM Live.
One of the stories is about Aids in the military. Officially, being HIV positive is not a bar to service in the South African National Defense Force. In reality, soldiers who are infected and others who represent them fear being tested, having their HIV status known and sometimes feel pressured to leave the military when they become sick.
*Listen below to an insert of what you can expect in the interview next week Tuesday when senior correspondent Thabile Maphanga chats to the Director of HIV/Aids at the Department of Defense…

Brigadier General with Senior Correspondent Thabile Maphanga

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