‘Take action to eradicate gender-based violence, patriarchy culture’

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The South African private sector has not yet fully embraced the role it needs to play in the achievement of gender equality. This is according to research conducted by the Shared Value Africa Initiative and the University of Johannesburg.

The report titled “The Costly Impact of GBV” has been released at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. It highlights the need for the private sector to address the reality of gender-based violence in the workplace as it formulates company policy and governance structures.

Chief Executive Officer and founder of the initiative, Tiekie Barnard, says more should be done to proactively change patriarchal ideologies and male-centric culture through strategy.

“We need to shift male leadership mindsets. Those are the people that are going to help bring about the change that is needed. Because of this patriarchal society that we live in and because business is still run predominantly by males, they are the ones that need to raise their voices and make intentional commitments to take action to eradicate gender-based violence.”