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A plaque commemorating U.S. President Donald Trump hangs on the U.S.-Mexico border fence as Trump visits the U.S.-Mexico border in Calexico, California.

US Supreme Court allows Trump to deny asylum to many Central Americans

12 September 2019, 5:46 AM

The US Supreme Court said the rule, which requires most immigrants who want asylum to first seek safe haven in a third country could go into effect as litigation challenging its legality continues.

People protest to call for a new DREAM Act to replace DACA in Los Angeles, California.

House votes to protect ‘Dreamer’ immigrants

5 June 2019, 5:37 AM

By a vote of 237-187, the Democratic-controlled House approved the legislation to end the threat to “Dreamers” despite opposition from the White House, which said the move would “reward illegal immigration.”

Trump signs first veto to secure funding for border wall

16 March 2019, 10:58 AM

Donald Trump signed the first veto of his presidency on Friday, overriding congressional opposition to secure emergency funds to build more walls on the US-Mexico border.

Trump declares ’emergency’ to build wall, Democrats cry foul

15 February 2019, 8:16 PM

President Donald Trump, citing an “invasion” of drugs and criminals, declared a national emergency at the US-Mexico border on Friday to fund construction of his long-sought wall, a move slammed by Democrats as an unlawful “power grab.”

Trump threatens to close southern border if not given wall funding

28 December 2018, 7:21 PM

President Donald Trump threatened on Friday to close the U.S. southern border if Congress does not agree to provide $5 billion in taxpayer funds for his promised wall along the border with Mexico.



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