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Armed militia kill at least 15 people in western Ethiopia

26 September 2020, 11:00 AM

An armed militia killed at least 15 people in a pre-dawn attack on Friday in western Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said in a statement late on Friday, the latest security challenge for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government.

Ethiopia tells U.N. ‘no intention’ of using dam to harm Egypt, Sudan

26 September 2020, 4:08 AM

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed told the United Nations on Friday that his country has “no intention” of harming Sudan and Egypt with a giant hydropower dam on the Blue Nile that has caused a bitter water dispute between the three countries.

Ethiopia files terrorism charges against leading opposition activist

19 September 2020, 5:38 PM

Ethiopia has filed terrorism charges against a prominent media mogul and opposition politician from the Oromo ethnic group, Jawar Mohammed, the attorney general’s office said on Saturday.

Regional party wins vote in Ethiopia’s Tigray, challenging federal government

11 September 2020, 7:35 PM

The regional ruling party has won a landslide election victory in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region, officials said on Friday, as a confrontation looms with national authorities who have branded the vote illegal.

Ethiopia’s Tigray holds regional election in defiance of federal government

9 September 2020, 2:09 PM

Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region on Wednesday went ahead with regional elections in an act of strong defiance against Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who called the vote illegal but said the government would not respond with force.



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