Political analyst Professor Somadoda Fikeni says the call for the dissolution of the North West PEC lead by Supra Mahumapelo, should be treated with sensitivity to avoid instability in the African National Congress ahead of the 2019 national elections.

This after members of the National Working Committee arrived in the province. They will also meet with the PEC on Monday, following engagements with branches whose regions have had complaints.

Calls are mounting from some members for the dissolution of the PEC, which is being accused of confirming branch leaders and allegedly manipulating the election processes.

Fikeni says the problem is that the PEC does not support the leadership of the new government.

“But at the same time they may wait and see if the PEC is supportive of the new government leadership as well as those who are deployed as administrators and if the are tensions along the way, those could be used as a reason for dissolution. They will be lot more cautious and wait for concrete evidence because they wouldn’t want to do anything that could destabilise ahead of the elections.”

However, political analyst from the Mahikeng campus of the North West University, Dr Pieter Kroukamp, says if the ANC wants to emerge victorious in 2019 election it should make decisions that will convince voters that it can provide good governance.

Kroukamp says the NEC can dissolve the PEC, if it has support from branches.

“If you remember in the last local government elections 3 million people that normally vote for the ANC decided to stay away. If the ANC would like those people to vote next year, they will have to do something that will convince voters that they can expect better governance. Because people stayed away because of bad governance, and as it is the two centres of power I think it is impossible to reinstate efficient and effective service delivery.”