The Department of Women together with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) will co-host the first ever symposium on Menstrual Health Management in East and Southern Africa.

Menstrual Health is an issue that has significantly been brought into the spotlight and that’s of educating girls, women and men about women’s menstrual health and hygiene. And certainly in South Africa, the access to sanitary pads, or lack thereof, has become more and more prominent.

“UNFPA together with the Department of Women have put together a programme that will holistically look at how we address this human rights issue to ensure the human dignity of girls and young women starting from a policy perspective going into what is the situation of implementation,” explains Assistant Representative at the United Nations Population Fund, Tlangelani Shilubane.

Acting Director General at the Department of Women, Shoki Tshabalala, says the main focus is primarily to school going children, but with time they will begin to focus on government institutions where they can be in a position to afford the provision of pads to women who actually need it.

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