Swimming South Africa conducts a water safety campaign

People at a beach
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In a bid to curb drowning incidents, Swimming South Africa is conducting a water safety campaign across the country’s coastlines.

The campaign focuses on basic swimming and surfing techniques. It has been launched at the popular Eastern beach in East London in the Eastern Cape.

It’s run by a team of dedicated trainers who are imparting the most critical skills needed in water.

Coordinator for Mass Participation at Swimming South Africa Mafata Modutoane has urged children not to swim beyond their waist level and cautioned adults against drinking alcohol before or during swimming.

“Swimming at beaches accounts for a second highest cause of drowning, accidental death actually in the country and particularly the Eastern Cape accounts to 39% in terms of drowning. So that’s quite a lot. We’re talking about a bus, at least ten buses full of people or full of kids that are drowning, let alone just in the Eastern Cape. So the drive basically is to readdress that and make sure people acquire the vital skill of swimming.”

Meanwhile, the children who are taking part say they are overcoming their fears.

“I was scared of swimming and today I have learned, and today is my first day to swim.”

“We mustn’t go far from the life guards. We mustn’t go deep into the water because the water is dangerous.”

“I learned specific things like how we should be safe inside the water. How to save ourselves and what should we call if we need to be rescued.”


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