Zuma’s supporters argue Constitutional Court erred in sentencing him to prison last year

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Supporters of former President Jacob Zuma say the Constitutional Court erred in its decision to sentence Zuma to prison.  Zuma’s incarceration led to widespread protests and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

The One Voice movement including the Radical Economic Transformation (RET) members protested outside the Durban Central Police Station exactly a year after Zuma began his 15-month jail sentence.

Zuma is currently out on medical parole. 7 July marks a year since former President Jacob Zuma handed himself over to Correctional Services. This is after failing to obey a court order to appear before the Zondo Commission investigating allegations of State Capture.

This triggered widespread looting and attacks on businesses. More than 350 people died during the mass riots.

On Thursday a small group of Zuma supporters including RET, African Transformation Movement, and People’s Revolutionary Movement members gathered amidst a heavy police presence.

“President Jacob Zuma’s right to appear before a judge to answer to a particular case with a case number was denied. President Jacob Zuma was sentenced to prison by the Constitutional Court, a year later there is not a single thug has been arrested by the Constitutional Court. So, we are coming to mark that day to say that it is the day to remember. But it is also a day to assess the current epoch that we find ourselves in,” says Radical Economic Transformation’s Nkosentsha Shezi.

People’s Revolutionary Movement’s Nhlanhla Buthelezi says, “This day, you would remember is a very important day where the Constitutional Court abused the constitution instead of protecting the constitutionality of the constitution they abused it.”

Regarding the Phala Phala farm controversy, pro-Zuma supporters last month filed two lawsuits against President Cyril Ramaphosa. This comes after the former National Commissioner of Correctional Services Arthur Fraser made accusations against the President in a sworn affidavits.

The group demanded answers from the police station, claiming they have not been issued a case number. They have given the police 24 hours to issue them with a case number.

The protestors have handed a memorandum to SAPS: