Sunday marks seventh anniversary of SCOAN building collapse

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Sunday marks the seventh anniversary of the tragic collapse of a building at the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), in Lagos in Nigeria.

One-hundred-and-16 people including 84 South Africans were killed in the incident.

The building accommodating Christian pilgrims collapsed due to poor workmanship.

The event sent shock waves across the globe.

The church was owned by the self-proclaimed prophet, TB Joshua, who is now deceased.

VIDEO: SABC News Correspondent in Abuja, Phil Ihaza, speaks about Joshua’s passing:

A 67-year-old Limpopo man, Patrick Mbedzi, who lost his only daughter, 31-year-old Mpho says he’s still grappling with the pain of losing her.

He says, “It was heavy but death is always with people even though this one was unique, but we were able to cope to accept that everything is possible on earth.”

Mbedzi says his family has been receiving steady financial support as compensation from the church.

He says, “Even during the burial the church gave us money, from there every year we used to get money from the church until today, even just a week ago we got some money from SCOAN.”

VIDEO: The family of Phumzile Mkhulisi, who was killed in Nigeria when the building collapsed, speak about her death: