Sun City launches COVID-19 workplace vaccination centre

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Sun City has availed one of its properties to be used as a workplace vaccination centre. The North West resort aims to vaccinate over seven thousand employees, service providers and their families at the site.

The vaccination centre was officially launched earlier today.

“Through cooperation with the Department of Health, we managed to achieve a workplace vaccination site certification, which means we are able to vaccinate our employees. And we’ve embarked on extending that, and the Department of Health in the North West has really supported us with that. So, our intention is then to move on to the broader hospitality industry and thereafter we will move on to the broader community. We have a concurrent application with the Department of Health at the moment for a mass vaccination site,” says Sun City General Manager, Brett Hoppe.

North West Health MEC Madoda Sambatha says the venue will soon become a mass vaccination site.

As we are here today we meant to officially launch. They must start vaccination. We want them to do vaccinations, almost like education did, and social development has done. In a period of fewer than five days, they must have finished the target of the sector. Based on that, we would then do an evaluation together with them and the department and see what else can we do with the site.”

Sun City Resort’s Convention Centre to open COVID-19 workplace vaccination site: