Sun City hopes to reopen for business after storm damage

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Sun City’s management says it hopes to have entertainment venues, such as the Valley of the Waves, open later Sunday for visitors and hotel guests.

Evaluations are under way to determine the scale of the damage caused by a massive storm in Pilanesberg, in the North West province.

Holiday makers were evacuated from the resort and vehicles and buildings were damaged in Saturday’s storm and flash floods.

Sun International says several rooms at the Soho Hotel, the Cabanas, the Cascades Hotel, the Vacation Club and The Palace are damaged.

Sun City’s COO, Thabo Mosololi, has advised people to first check with the hotels before travelling to the resort.

“We are doing a lot of the assessments right now to determine whether any structures are unstable or unsafe. But we are hoping that by the end of the day we will be back up and running. A lot of the restaurants are still operational. The one golf course is still operational. We are hoping guests who are intending to come through during the week won’t be affected. We are told we have a lot of work to do over the next two days with clean up, but we are confident there are enough people on the ground to deal with the problems.”