A group of youth delegates from all over Africa is attending a two day summit at Freedom Park in Pretoria.

The African Youth Networks Summit sponsored by the Graça Machel Trust and the Mandela Institute for development Studies forms part of Madiba’s centenary celebration.

Speaking at the opening of the summit Friday night, former president Nelson Mandela’s wife Graça Machel gave an account of her youth days and how she was educated in a male dominated environment.

She urged the group, dominated by young women to always display courage, self-respect and humility when dealing with both the socio-economic and political challenges facing them and the world.

She says, “What I’m trying to say to young women who are sitting in this room you will be in situations where as young as you are, you have to face responsibilities which are much bigger than you are. But there are people around you, people who know more than you do, people who have much more experience than you have. Just have the courage and humility to learn, listen and the end take responsibility.”