Sudan’s warring parties meeting in Saudi Arabia continues

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The warring parties in Sudan are still meeting in the Red Sea city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia for talks.

International mediators have pressed the parties to end the conflict that has claimed hundreds of lives, and sent tens of thousands of refugees fleeing abroad.

Saudi Arabia and the US have welcomed the talks between the Sudanese army and its rival the Rapid Support Forces.

The Jeddah initiative is the first serious attempt to end the fighting that has crippled the Sudanese government and endangered the country’s political transition following years of unrest.

The war erupted last month after the army general Abdel Fattah Al Burhan and the the Rapid Support Forces commander Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo oversaw the collapse of internationally backed plan for new leaders.

Countries like South Africa, Kenya, South Sudan and others have been calling for cessation of hostilities and for humanitarian corridors to provide aid.

Saudi Arabia has had close ties with the two main protagonists.

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