Sudan’s Vice President calls for international assistance for internal peace

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The Vice President of Sudan Malik Agar says the international community must assist Sudan to achieve peace. Agar believes that Sudan’s problems are more internal than external.

The ceasefires have failed to yield results, and Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has now announced that his country will bring the warring factions together.

Speaking exclusively to SABC, Agar, who is in South Africa for consultations with government officials, has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to redouble his efforts at the African Union to bring peace to that country.

This week, the UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres issued a warning that Sudan has reached a crisis in relation to the escalating conflict in that country.

Agar goes on to describe how peace agreements are being dishonored, which leads to a vicious cycle of violence, as well as how Sudanese diversity is mismanaged. He says there is a lack of a social justice policy, which leads to regional disparities.

The Vice-President acknowledges the presence of foreign elements interfering in Sudan, with diverse objectives such as economics, security, reinvestment, and military interests. He says that the protracted conflict will force the Sudanese people to reconsider their country’s management and reclaim power.