Sudan’s paramilitary force shares video they claim shows ‘surrendered’ Egyptian troops

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Sudan’s paramilitary Rapid Support Forces shared a video on Saturday that they said showed Egyptian troops who had “surrendered” to them in Merowe, northern Sudan.

This occurred as clashes erupted between the RSF, Sudan’s main paramilitary group, and the army on Saturday.

Egypt’s military, in its first comment, said Egyptian forces are present in Sudan to conduct exercises with their Sudanese counterparts and that the military is currently coordinating with relevant Sudanese authorities to guarantee the safety of Egyptian forces.

The video showed a number of men dressed in army fatigues crouched on the ground and speaking to members of the RSF in an Egyptian Arabic dialect.

Fighting between the paramilitary group and the army broke out in the capital on Saturday morning, and has extended to several parts of the country, including Merowe.

A mobilisation of RSF forces towards the Merowe military airport on Wednesday prompted an army statement on Thursday that described recent RSF moves as illegal and said it went beyond the force’s duties, bringing long-bubbling disagreements to the surface.