The SABC is expected to broadcast sports events of national interest as per ICASA regulations and yet receives no support to fund them.

This has been the testimony of SABC CEO Madoda Mxakwe at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture in Parktown, Johannesburg. Mxakwe says that a substantial portion of the public broadcaster’s revenue is used to pay for sports rights as required of all Free-to-Air broadcasters.

He says the cash-strapped organisation cannot sustain the situation.

“We did a projection. In the next three years the public mandate, unfunded public mandate, is going to cost SABC  R6.8 billion. So essentially we are expected to broadcast all of this without any financial support. That’s one. But the second point is that we also get to a stage where we ask ourselves, these unfunded mandates, if they are so critical why is it then that there is no portion of funding allocated in order to help us?” says Mxakwe.

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