As part of celebrating Heritage Month, Enoch Sontonga High School at Ndevana near Berlin in the Eastern Cape has invited schools to celebrate with them. The event focused on changing the mindset of the youth, including staying away from substance abuse.

Enoch Sontanga’s Life Orientation teacher, Nomthandazo Kweya Mfeqe, says it’s important to remind the youth about their culture and heritage.

“We are celebrating the heritage as we all know this is September. September is a heritage month. We have decided to have this event because we are having problems of teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and all sorts of things. And we have tried to go to social workers, police stations but we have failed now. We decided to celebrate this heritage so that they will know their background. We are trying to build them, so we are having hope that if they can understand and know their selves they will change.”

Learner, Yamkela Wentvoel says, “In this event I’ve learned that we, as Xhosa’s, need to know our background and where we come from and also our elders. We have to gain some knowledge on how the background was before so that we can carry on.”