Struggle stalwart Mandisa Makwetu hailed as a rare breed

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Mandisa Makwetu, the wife of the former PAC leader Clarance Makwetu, has been laid to rest at Gwatyu Village, near Comfivaba, in the Eastern Cape.

Makwetu died last week after a long illness at the age of 77. President Cyril Ramaphosa accorded her a Special Provincial Funeral Category 2.

Mam’Makwetu was described as a woman of many talents. She worked as a nurse in various health facilities and was also involved in the liberation struggle. Speaking on behalf of provincial government, Weziwe Tikana, has described Makwetu as a rare breed.

“They contributed, they supported young people and recruited soldiers during that time. Its through their support they were mothers of all those who were recruited who went to army and were trained.  And that is the contribution we are recognising and reason we are saying she has done a sterling job,” said Tikana.

Provincial PAC member, Kudala Kuthethwa Wakeni, says the party has lost an intelligent  leader, “We call her the mother of the nation because she was very much appreciative because supportive to the family and organization as well.”

Family member, Mazwi Makwetu, says they have lost a mother and a unifier.

“She was that kind of a person who was a real parent to us all and she that kind of a person who would listen to any kind of grievance or a problem that you would seek audience with her to guide you or help solve that problem.”

Mam’Makwetu is survived by her sons and siblings.

Makwetu regarded herself as a servant of the African people: