The South African Medical Association (SAMA) says it does not believe in the re-introduction of stricter lockdown measures – as it could negatively impact the economy.
The Gauteng government is meeting on Saturday to consider the possibility of enforcing stricter lockdown restrictions in the province.
In the video below, Gauteng government to discuss harsher lockdown measures:
Gauteng has seen a rise in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases – and is likely to become the country’s next COVID-19 hotspot.
The province has recorded over 54 000 infections, of which 14 000 have recovered. At least 282 people have died from COVID-19-related illnesses.

Chairman of SAMA in Gauteng, Dr Mark Human, has called on people to take responsibility for their safety.
“Not only will you cripple the economy, but allow it to spread unfettered in the lockdown areas. I think the lockdown is absolutely not the way to go. I think what we need to do is for people to take responsibility. What we are seeing out in the streets are people sitting in coffee shops and people standing in groups on the side of the road talking to each other with no social distancing, no masks. People travelling in a full taxi with windows closed and no masks. So it is that kind of thing where people need to start to taking responsibility.”
In the audio below, new strategy to flatten the COVID-19 curve in Gauteng: