Street vendors are using the 54th ANC Elective Conference in Nasrec to their advantage. Most of the them say they are unemployed therefore the conferences provides them with an opportunity to make money.

Some come as far as the Eastern Cape just to sell the array of party apparel. Most of the local vendors  settled on selling food.

However, some are crying foul about police harassment. They told the SABC news team that Metro Police instructed them to leave their stalls.

“Mandela told us that we should create jobs for ourselves. Here we are trying but the police are chasing us away. If they are chasing us away who is going to feed our children?” said one vendor, while others were cheering her on,  showing that they share her sentiments.

They however, opted not to comment on the actual conference, suffice to say that they hope the delegates will elect the right president to succeed President Jacob Zuma.

“I do not want to talk politics. I’m not a delegate but just a merchandiser so I do not want to go deep into politics,” said Nondyebo Muleleki, a vendor from Port Elizabeth.Although business was still slow on Sunday morning, they are hoping that it will pick up.