An alleged coronavirus (COVID-19) case in the suburb of Chatsworth, south of Durban, has highlighted the danger of stigmatisation of patients.  

Social media has been abuzz since the alleged case came to light over the weekend, with various images and messages regarding the alleged patient’s identity going viral.  

It is alleged that the coronavirus patient tested positive on Sunday and was subsequently moved to Greys Hospital in Pietermaritzburg.   

In the video below, disclosure and stigma under the spotlight: 

Community activist Visvin Reddy says it is critical that members of the community support the affected family rather than ostracising them in a time of need.

“We must reach out to protect people who may have the virus and must not do anything to ostracise them or isolate them and this is exactly what has been happening in the past few hours here in Chatsworth. Imagine if one of your family members had to have this kind of a situation and you read about it on social media. How would you feel?” 

In the video below, recovered COVID-19 patient shares her experience: