‘Step aside’, some delegates shout at Cyril Ramaphosa during address

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The African National Congress (ANC) president Cyril Ramaphosa has had to turn a deaf ear to loud chants calling for him to step aside during his delivery the political report to thousands of delegates at the 55th National Conference at the Nasrec Expo Centre in Johannesburg.

“Step aside, step aside,” chanted some delegates from KwaZulu-Natal, banging on tables in an attempt to disrupt Ramaphosa’s speech.

This came moments after former president, Jacob Zuma, had made a grand entrance at the beginning of Ramaphosa’s taking to the podium. Zuma walked in to deafening cheers that forced Ramaphosa to stop until Zuma had sat.

There was tension inside the Expo centre as the chanting continued leading to ANC National Chairperson, Gwede Mantashe, to intervene and beg the rowdy delegates to allow Ramaphosa, who silently stood by, to finish delivering the political report.

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Political Report:

Mantashe had himself been drowned out by delegates who refused him an opportunity to speak.

For a moment, there seemed to be calm after Mantashe’s intervention, but the KwaZulu-Natal delegates were back disruptively singing at the top of their voice after Ramaphosa had sought to pay tribute to former SA Communist Party (SACP) leader, Chris Hani, whose killer, Janusz Waluś was recently released from prison on parole much to the anger of many.

“We cannot observe this day without paying tribute to the memory of the former Chief of Staff of MK Cde Chris Hani, and express our deep sadness and disappointment that his killer has been released on parole. Chris Hani was a great son of the soil ad was among the most admired, the most beloved and without a doubt one of the most extraordinary of our revolutionary movement,” says Ramaphosa.

It was at this points some KZN delegates got up on their feet and sang a song with the lyrics, “Who killed Chris Hani?”

KwaZulu-Natal has endorsed former Minister of Health Dr. Zweli Mkhize as a candidate for party presidency.

The conference has adjourned until nine am Saturday morning.

55th ANC National Conference Opening Address: