Stellenbosch University failed to act decisively against perpetrator: Father of student in urinating incident

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The father of a Stellenbosch University student, whose belongings were urinated on by a campus peer, has voiced disappointment at the institution’s failure to act decisively against the perpetrator.

The incident, which was captured on a cellphone camera, reportedly involved a white student urinating on Babalo Ndwayana’s belongings at the weekend.

The university has suspended the alleged perpetrator saying it strongly condemns the destructive, hurtful and racist incident.

However, student bodies are calling for the student to be expelled.

Ndwayana’s father, Mkuseli Kaduka, says he will push for more punitive measures to be implemented.

“Stellenbosch University has a history of such incidents and one would expect that if such an occurrence would happen now, they would have systems in place to act decisively against the perpetrators. I have sent several emails to the school, I am yet to receive any feedback from them. The only thing I got was from the student bodies but I will push for more punitive measures as people have come forward saying this is not an isolated incident.”

The university said in a statement that no student has the right to dehumanise another human being.

University spokesperson Martin Viljoen says the Huis Marais Residence, where both students reside, was made aware of the incident on Sunday. He said it was later reported to relevant university structures.

Viljoen said the university will make a final decision on the matter after an investigation.

He said it does not exclude expulsion and criminal charges.

Earlier, the institutions Students Representative Council came out condemning the incident after a social media users shared the video on Twitter in the early hours of Monday morning.