Stellenbosch University deserves an institution that is free of discrimination: Chancellor

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The newly conferred Stellenbosch University Chancellor, Justice Edwin Cameron, says the university community deserves an institution that is free of discrimination.

He was speaking during his official inauguration as a Chancellor in Stellenbosch on Tuesday night after being elected in 2019.

Cameron takes up the position amidst a racial uproar after charges were laid against a white student for allegedly urinating on the belongings of a black student.

Stellenbosch University says it has committed to supporting the victim of the alleged racist incident with equipment and counselling.

Discussion of the student who allegedly urinated on the belongings of another student:

Cameron was born in Pretoria in 1953 and matricualted at Pretoria Boys High School.

He obtained a BA Law, Honours degree in Latin (both cum laude) from Stellenbosch University.

He worked as a human rights lawyer in the 80’s and is known for defending African National Congress (ANC) fighters charged with treason, land tenure, and forced removals.

Cameron says discrimination should be rejected, “What happened is sad to all of us, it’s against our values and it needs to be condemned.”

Guests at the event say Cameron played a leading role to protect and promote human rights despite race, class or creed.

Chairperson of the Law Trust Faculty Thuli Madonsela says: “Justice Cameron has a track record in fighting for human rights and social justice. He is one person who embodies values to drive transformation”.

Cameron says he took up the position because he wants to renew a sense of pride in the country and enhance institutional excellence.