Stella High School double-murder accused that’s on trial for the alleged murder of teenagers Sharnelle Hough and Marna Engelbrecht was back in court on Monday.

Xander Bylsma has concluded his testimony at the North West High court in Mahikeng.

Bylsma gave evidence as to what happened and where he was on the day before the death of Hough and Engelbrecht. He told the court that he knows nothing about the incident.

They were both found dead at the Stella HoerSkool hostel in Vryburg, last year May. However, he agrees that he had sent the victims SMSes threatening them, days before the incident.

The court also heard that Bylsma had a heated exchange over the phone with Brandon Victor who was in a romantic relationship with one of the deceased.

Meanwhile, the defence has called a car tracking device expert to outline movements of the vehicle that was allegedly used by Bylsma on the eve of the incident.

The court is also expected to hear a DNA expert called by the defence on Tuesday.