Status of the ANC North West conference questioned by lawyer representing ANC members

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A lawyer representing African National Congress (ANC) members who were granted an interdict at the High Court in North West against voting by interim provincial committee and interim regional committee members at the conference has questioned the status of the conference after the ruling.

A group of ANC members were granted the interdict last night. The legal representative of the aggrieved ANC members, Advocate Henry Motsemme, says the court ruling nullifies all decisions taken by the IPC since their term in office ended more than a year ago, including the organising of the conference.

“The current IPC has been disallowed from voting. Now, it being the organiser of this current conference, it means that the decisions that they have taken have become null and void, including the decision to organise this conference. There was a conference which was handed down in court yesterday which has an order the effects which was to reinstate the previously disbanded PEC,” said Motsemme.

Video: North West ANC conference continuing despite court ruling