Stats SA in NC says plan afoot to have over 400 000 households counted

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Close to 200 000 households in the Northern Cape have been counted in the Census 2022. With the deadline looming, Stats SA in the province says it is doing all it can to have over 400 000 households and the 1.3 million population counted.

The tallying of residents in the province got off to a bumpy start last month due to delays in the training of fieldworkers.

“Progressing is well. We covered approximately 8 million households in the country and in the Northern Cape close to 200 000 have been covered and when we look at the data from the self-enumeration people have opted to complete the questionnaires themselves. We’ve seen that countrywide about 456 000 households have registered for that option and in the northern cape about 1% which is about 450 000 have opted to do self-enumeration,” Northern Cape Stats SA head, Deon Kleinsmith explains.

Meanwhile, those still waiting to be counted are growing impatient. “I don’t remember being counted ever. I always see the stats and the numbers but I don’t know if I am part of that or not,” says resident Mosela Machedi.

“I have not been counted; even my friends at the communal have not been counted. So, we feel like we are not being included. We are not being taken seriously,” resident Mogomotsi Moeng.

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