State witness in Meyiwa trial requested to bring flight ticket

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The defence in the Senzo Meyiwa murder trial at the High Court in Pretoria has asked witness, Tumelo Madlala, to bring his flight ticket as proof that he flew from Durban on Monday.

TT Thobane, who represents four of the five men accused, has suggested that Madlala was in Gauteng as early as last week.

The matter will resume on Friday morning with Madlala continuing to be cross-examined on events surrounding the death of the goalkeeper.

Proceedings were postponed on Monday after the state indicated it had failed to secure a flight booking for Madlala at the weekend and could only secure a flight on Monday.

However, Thobane is not buying that version and has demanded proof.

Thobane: I put it to you that in fact, a witness will come to testify that you were in fact in Gauteng from last week Thursday, what’s your comment?

Madlala: Those are lies.

Thobane: Do you have the flight ticket with you?

Madlala: I think it’s there where I am currently staying.

Thobane: May you kindly on the next occasion bring the next ticket.



The court also heard that, accused number 3, Mthobisi Prince Mncube, may have been the first intruder who broke into the Khumalo family home in Vosloorus on the evening of 26 October 2014.

Madlala had earlier named accused number 2, Bongani Ntazi, as one of the assailants.

VIDEO: Accused number 2 accused as one of the intruders

This is after Madlala earlier pointed out Ntanzi as the tall guy who was pressed against the wall by Meyiwa – the guy Madlala had stood up and punched on his face while his back was against the wall – before a shot went off.

In the post-lunch proceedings, TT Thobane representing accused 1 to 4, began by asking Madlala on which hand the first intruder had the gun when he stormed into the house wearing a scotch hat and a brown or caramel jacket.

“I think on his right hand,” replied Madlala.

Thobane put it to the witness that Ncube was left-handed, to which Madlala responded, “I don’t know about that.”

However, when it was put to Madlala that on the day of the shooting the 38-year-old Ncube, who’s currently serving 35 years for a different crime, didn’t have dreadlocks, Madlala disputed this.

“Those are lies,” he claimed.

Life policy

The post-tea adjournment has seen the defense in the Meyiwa murder trial, Timothy Thobane for accused 1 to 4, making revelations at the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria.

First up, Thobane, during cross-examination of Madlala, has told the court the defense will bring a witness who will testify on how Kelly Khumalo stood to benefit from the Meyiwa’s death.

According to Thobane, a witness will be brought to testify about Khumalo being a signatory and beneficiary to a life policy taken in Meyiwa’s name, although he didn’t give details of how long before the former goalkeeper’s passing was the policy taken out.

“Let the witness come and tell the court that, because Senzo’s life policies had nothing to do with me, just like my policies had nothing to do with him,” says Madlala.

Thobane has further told the court that Meyiwa had “sexual relations” with his girlfriend and mother of his child’s sister, Zandi, during the time Zandi stayed in the same house as Meyiwa and Kelly in Mulbarton and Kelly was away for a long time.

Madlala would neither confirm nor deny this.

“I would never deny that and I would never agree because Senzo loved women.”

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The trial is set to continue on Friday morning.

Senzo Meyiwa Murder Trial: 16 September 2022

Additional reporting by Sipho Kekana.