The state has called for triple murder accused Henri van Breda to be convicted on all the charges against him. They include murder, attempted murder and the obstruction of justice.

Judgment is expected on April 23rd.

The defence says Van Breda should be acquitted on the charges, as the State failed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.

Both sides have concluded their closing arguments in the High Court in Cape Town.

Van Breda is accused of the murder of his parents and brother and the attempted murder of his teenage sister Marli, during a brutal attack with an axe in 2015.

“The State’s case is in effect that there is no evidence of any unlawful entry to the estate, or of anyone detected in doing so… Therefore, it is improbable that an intruder entered the estate undetected. With regards to the previous crimes committed that was referred to… the Defence that only 10% of those crimes were ever solved, my Lord… The crimes in those instances, my Lord… all show a marked difference in the matter at hand; either with regards to the lack of violence in the execution thereof, or the fact that there was property missing in all of those instances, my Lord,” said Senior State Advocate, Susan Galloway.


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