State Capture to hear Transnet-related evidence from former CFO Anoj Singh

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The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture in Johannesburg will on Thursday morning hear Transnet-related evidence from the company’s former Chief Financial Officer Anoj Singh.

Singh last month told the commission he was already doing Eskom-related work despite not being formally appointed at the power utility in 2015.

In July 2015, Gupta-linked Regiment Capital and Mckinsey started consultancy work for Eskom.

Singh says he was seconded to Eskom from Transnet by then Public Enterprise Minister Lynne Brown.

Brown has meanwhile denied that she had direct links to Singh’s appointment at Eskom.

The former Minister said the then Eskom board suggested his name and she approved it.

State Capture Inquiry | Commission hears Tansnet-related evidence: Anoj Singh

The commission is also scheduled to have an evening session to hear Denel-related evidence from Brown.

On Wednesday, the former Chief Executive at Prasa Lucky Montana accused the company’s Group Executive of Legal, Risk and Compliance Martha Ngoye of trying to create a narrative of corruption.

“Chair the reality is that there was no President Zuma, and there were no Guptas lurking at Prasa. I stood my ground and all the records even when we discussed in Parliament, in the Parliamentary inquiry into governance at Eskom, I dealt with the Guptas… the story… Minister Ben Martins came to confirm all of that. So there were no Guptas, people thought we are captured by the Guptas,” Montana said.

State Capture Inquiry | The Commission hears PRASA-related evidence: Lucky Montana