Ramaphosa says it is up to all South Africans to ensure that state capture is never allowed to happen again.

In his weekly letter, Ramaphosa has thanked all those involved in the Commission of Inquiry for State Capture as its work comes to an end.

He says the outcomes of the commission’s hearings are expected to strengthen efforts under way to fight corruption by identifying some of the systemic weaknesses that allowed state capture to take place.

These efforts include rebuilding law enforcement agencies, tightening treasury regulations and changing the leadership of state-owned enterprises.

During his testimony last week, Ramaphosa told the Commission that opting to remain silent or simply going along with the status quo was not an option as he did not want to betray the ANC and its founding members.

He said he had a number of options when he found out that state capture was taking place when he was Deputy President.

Ramaphosa outlines his response to state capture as it as taking place: