State Capture Report requires redesign of anti-corruption architecture: Ramaphosa

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says the six parts of the State Capture Report require a fundamental redesign of anti-corruption architecture in South Africa.

Ramaphosa says some key reforms government is undertaking include the establishment of an independent procurement agency and a permanent anti-corruption agency.

The President made the announcements in a live address to the nation on Sunday night.

He was speaking about how the executive intends to implement the findings and recommendations of the State Capture Commission Report.

Ramaphosa submitted the plan to the Speaker on Saturday night.

President Ramaphosa says a comprehensive proposal for an anti-corruption framework will be produced for public consultation.

The video below is the President’s full address:

On Prasa

Ramaphosa says a further commission of inquiry into Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) is to be considered on the recommendation of the state capture report.

Ramaphosa says this is pending the outcome of probes by the Hawks and the Special Investigating Unit (SIU).

The President says government will implement the extensive recommendations of the report regarding the State Security Agency (SSA) as well as that of the high-level panel headed by Dr Sydney Mufamadi.

A new amendment bill will be written that includes the establishment of separate domestic and foreign intelligence agencies.

Ramaphosa further acknowledged the report’s findings that further protection of whistleblowers be implemented and the Department of Justice is reviewing the relevant legislation.

He also addressed recommendations in the report about the role of the private sector, the executive and Parliament.

On the role of the private sector and the executive, Ramaphosa says only people of moral integrity should attain high office.

A look at implications for Prasa with Thanduxolo Jika:

Electoral Amendment Bill

The President says the proposal in the State Capture Report for the direct election of the president and a constituency-based system that retains proportional representation, would require constitutional amendments and would need to be considered by political parties.

Ramaphosa has acknowledged the concerns expressed in the report on Parliament’s weaknesses in countering state capture.

The President says political parties need to be consulted.

Passing of the Electoral Amendment Bill: