State Capture Inquiry: Nomachule Gigaba’s testimony adjourned due to ‘serious security concerns’

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The Chairperson of Commission of Inquiry into State Capture, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, has decided to adjourn Thursday evening’s testimony due to what the commission labels “serious security concerns.”

Nomachule Gigaba, the estranged wife of former Finance Minister, Malusi Gigaba, was giving testimony at the commission.

Gigaba says her husband, Malusi, is lying in a quest to protect the Gupta family.

She continued to spill the beans on the alleged corrupt relationship that Malusi had with the Guptas.

Nomachule Gigaba has refuted Malusi Gigaba ‘s responding affidavit to the State Capture Commission, that he only went four times to the Gupta’s residence.

She says Malusi Gigaba visited the Gupta residence more than 20 times, and sometimes he would leave her and go with his bodyguards.

“It’s more than 20 times; it’s a lie that it was four-three times. We would go there when he had meetings and sometimes we would go there for lunch where we would seat with Ajay and their son and wife. I only attended one Diwali. So, when Malusi says we went there for events, it’s not true. We went there for lunch or his meetings, but we used to go there very often together.”

Video: Nomachule Gigaba testifies at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture

Malusi could not say “no” to Ajay Gupta

Gigaba says her husband would go to the Gupta compound, even when he didn’t want to.

She also revealed that Malusi could not say ‘no’ to Ajay Gupta, who constantly called to make demands. She further says the interference of the Guptas gave Malusi migraines which affected him badly.

“It was very stressful on him and the stress gave him migraines, a lot of them, where he had to go to Rosebank hospital to take injections. So, he didn’t have control of his work. He wanted to do his work, but he could not disagree with them. I even asked him why you don’t tell them you don’t want, he said he can’t.”