The Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture will continue to hear evidence on Saturday from Koroneka Trading and Projects’ Director Babadi Tlatsana.

On Friday, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo heard how a large sum of cash entered Tlatsana’s business account only a few months after she had proposed a plan to revitalise two airports in the North West province.

Tlatsana explained to the commission how she was used by then SA Express General Manager Brian Van Wyk who made her sign documents without giving her copies.

She was also advised to use accountants and people that Van Wyk had appointed.

Tlatsana says she started to get worried when huge sums of money entered her account only to leave the account the next day.

Asked why she never questioned the transactions, she says she was told to relax and trust the executives at SA Express.

This is the first time since its inception that the commission sits over the weekend.

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