State Capture could have been avoided – Chikane

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Former Director-General in the Presidency Reverend Frank Chikane says the phenomenon of State Capture could have been avoided if the country’s National Intelligence Services was in order.

He has concluded his testimony at the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture, under way in Johannesburg.

He says he is now convinced that the Gupta family was “not an accident of history”  – and it could have easily been prevented from happening.

He added that even the VBS Saga signals something wasn’t right.

“The leadership, whoever this leadership is,  says we going to change the law so you can put money there – but they don’t put the law, yet the money is there. They sign the documents – and I say before you sign any documents you check which laws are going to be affected – what law will have to be changed? And if they did that, none of the money of local government would have been put in VBS bank.”