State Capture Commission to hear Bosasa-related evidence from former Armscor CEO

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The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture will hear BOSASA-related evidence from businessman and former Armaments Corporation of South Africa (Armscor) CEO, Kevin Wakeford, on Wednesday.

Former BOSASA Angelo COO Angelo Agrizzi has implicated Wakeford in receiving money from BOSASA. According to Agrizzi, Wakeford was receiving R100 000 a month for helping Gavin Watson’s company, BOSASA, to resolve its issues with the South Africa Revenue Service.

Wakeford has denied Agrizzi’s allegations against him, saying they were malicious and a gross fabrication. Gavin Watson was killed in a car crash in Johannesburg in 2019.

State Capture Inquiry | Commission hears Bosasa-related evidence : Kevin Wakeford