State alleges Agrizzi failed to disclose liquid assets, offshore accounts and vehicles

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The state alleges that former Bosasa executive, Angelo Agrizzi, has failed to disclose to the Commercial Crimes Court at Palm Ridge in Johannesburg liquid assets worth R8 million, offshore accounts worth R24 million and vehicles worth R2 million.

The state is opposing Agrizzi’s bail application in his corruption case.

Agrizzi is a co-accused in the R800 000 fraud and corruption case against former ANC MP, Vincent Smith.

Smith is accused of accepting so-called “gratifications” from Bosasa to act in its interest in Parliament.

The state alleges there was a payment of  R11.9 million that was transferred by Agrizzi to his wife’s account and she transferred it to offshore accounts.

Measures have been put in place to recoup the funds.

In the below video, Agrizzi and Smith appear in court:

Gavin Watson’s death questioned

Meanwhile, Agrizzi’s representative stunned the courtroom earlier after he suggested that the company’s former CEO, Gavin Watson, may have possibly faked his own death in August 2019.

His legal representatives, in an affidavit that was read out, cast aspersions that Watson may not be late after all.

However, Watson’s lawyers say the former CEO is indeed late.