Mathabatha gives ultimatum to appoint critical municipal officials

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Limpopo premier Stan Mathabatha has given the municipalities an ultimatum to appoint officials in critical positions before the end of this month.

Premier Mathabatha has threatened to take actions against some officials if they don’t comply with his instructions.

Almost half of the 27 municipalities have vacant positions, including those of municipal managers and chief financial officers among others.

A visibly irritated Mathabatha, who was speaking during the intergovernmental meeting in Polokwane, did not mince his words. He was at pains to explain his frustrations on the poor performing municipalities.

Most municipalities do not adhere to the recommendations of the Auditor General’s audit report. They also fail to submit their annual reports to the Auditor General.

Mathabatha says there will be consequences for non-compliance.

“Whilst you get findings from the AG the first thing to be done as a leader the first thing you do is to go and work on the clearing of those findings because if you’re not doing that it’s tantamount to sort of insubordinate I wouldn’t call it insubordination you’re basically what I just don’t understand why you shouldn’t do that you get professional advice that go and correct one two three why are you resisting to do that.”

Premier Mathabatha has also given an ultimatum to all the municipalities, saying they should fill all critical vacant positions before the end of this month. Most municipalities have been operating without municipal managers and chief financial officers among others, for the past few years.

Mathabatha explains, “All critical positions in critical areas such as municipal managers if you haven’t advertised till now we’re to instruct you to issue out advertisements before the end of this year those who have advertised these positions we’re going to issue out instructions that you must conduct interviews before the end of this month those who have conducted interviews we’re going to instruct you to appoint before the end of this month.”

In Thabazimbi, a coalition governed municipality, the authorities lay the blame on the Cooperative Governance department for not approving the appointment of senior managers.