Stage five rolling blackouts expected to continue on Wednesday – Eskom

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Eskom is expected to continue with stage five rolling blackouts on Wednesday.

It says it may reduce them to stage four by Thursday.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has returned home after cutting short his international trip amid the escalating energy crisis in the country.

A research expert says that a lack of accountability is the biggest problem affecting the power utility.

This follows ramped up stages of rolling blackouts, which reached stage six at the weekend.

Doctor Sean Muller says that there’s a possibility of sabotage of Eskom’s infrastructure but adds that this is difficult to prove: “The bigger question is about accountability, because if Eskom can always blame sabotage, even if its unproven, they can always blame disgruntled individuals. Then how on earth are we going to have improvement, how do we hold the management of Eskom, or the board of Eskom accountable, when they’re always allowed to roll out these excuses, and often without any definitive evidence.”

Doctor Muller adds: “When for example Andre De Ruyter came in as CEO, he knew what space he was operating in, the Eskom board, know what space they’re operating in. There needs to be some kind of tangible sense on what you can hold these individuals accountable for. They can’t be allowed to keep making excuses.”