Staff salaries will be paid from Thursday: ANC’s Pule Mabe

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The African National Congress (ANC) says it is hopeful that it will be able to pay workers’ salaries on Thursday.

This as disgruntled ANC workers staged a picket outside NASREC in the south of Johannesburg.

The party is hosting the Presidential gala dinner at the venue where several delegates and dignitaries are being hosted.

This is ahead of the party’s policy conference scheduled to take place this week. Speaking on the sidelines of the gala dinner, party spokesperson Pule Mabe explained why salary payments were delayed.

” We can confirm to our employees that money started trickling in this afternoon. unfortunately, they had not been cleared at the time so we’ll have to wait for them to clear because sometimes donors don’t use the same local bank as the ANC. We are hoping that once they are cleared in the morning, we will then start rolling over into our own employees because we understand the devotion, the commitment, the dedication that our employees are giving to this organisation.”

Earlier, disgruntled ANC workers are calling for the payment of salaries to be discussed at the party’s upcoming policy conference.

Some workers allege that they have not been paid for two months.

They were holding a picket outside NASREC in the south of Johannesburg, where the ANC is holding its Presidential gala dinner.

The party is expected to head to conference this week to discuss and review its policies ahead of its 55th elective conference in December.

ANC staff member representing the disgruntled workers Mandla Qwane says,” In the policy conference itself, delegates must discuss this matter to find a permanent solution and that’s what we are calling for. Even in the branches, in the provinces, in the regions delegates of the ANC, members of the ANC must discuss this matter as a priority matter and one of the issues that must be resolved as part of the renewal of the movement.”