Stadium 974

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Key facts:

Host City: Doha

Capacity: 40 000 seats

Project type: New

Completed: 2021


22 November Group C: Mexico v Poland 19:00-local time

24 November Group H: Portugal v Ghana 19:00-local time

26 November Group D: France v Denmark 19:00-local time

28 November Group G: Brazil v Switzerland 19:00–local time

30 November Group H: Poland v Argentina 22:00- local time

01 December Group G: Serbia v Switzerland 22:00- local time

05 December Round of 16: 1G v 2H 22:30- local time

History and description

Stadium 974, earlier known as Ras Abu Aboud stadium, is one of the newly-built playing venues for the 2022 World Cup. It is a temporary venue made from 974 recycled shipping containers, after which it will be dismantled. It is the first temporary venue in FIFA World cup history.

Construction of the stadium started in 2018 and was completed three years later. The stadium officially opened on 30 November 2021 with the Arab group match between the United Arab Emirates and Syria.

The stadium was initially announced under the name Ras Abu Aboud Stadium. During a launch event on 20 November 2021 the venue was officially renamed Stadium 974.

The concept of the stadium was designed by Fenwick Iribarren Architects. The stadium is constructed on a 450,000-square-meter waterfront site and is situated on an artificial promontory. It has a modular design and incorporates 974 recycled shipping containers in homage to the site’s industrial history.

During the World Cup, stadium 974 will host 5 first-round group matches and of Round of 16 matches.

It received its name from the fact that 974 is the international calling code of Qatar and as well as 974 shipping containers were used in the design.

Source: FIFA.com and FootballGroundGuide.com