Political analyst Bheki Mngomezulu says the reason for the high number of spoilt votes in KwaZulu-Natal could be attributed to South Africans wanting to exercise their right to vote, but do not have sufficient faith in any political party.

Mngomezulu says this could be interpreted as the electorate sending a strong message to party leaders.

He says, “The issue of spoilt ballots is a problem that has been with us for some time, but there are a number of reasons why. People make a cross because they are not properly educated, you find that the cross protrudes.”

“According to electoral procedures, if the cross is not within the box then that amounts to a spoilt ballot. From a political point of view, there are people who deliberately spoil the vote just because they want to send a message and say “I’m told that I have to vote and exercise my right but I don’t like the people who are on the list, so let me rather go there and then make sure that I deliberately spoil the vote.”

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