Spiritual school uses yoga to shift mood from pandemic anxiety

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As the pandemic continues to leave society uncertain, it has induced a considerable degree of fear and worry leaving many with heightened anxiety.

The extended lockdown has also seen people feeling more disconnected.

The increase of depression and anxiety due to COVID-19 is discussed in the video below:

A global spiritual school is attempting to assist many using alternative healing and yoga to shift the collective mood.

This as the past year has been unprecedented. From a global infectious virus to lockdown levels and completely new ways of experiencing everyday life.

This has left society with elevated stress and panic.

Many countries, including South Africa, went into hard lockdown and have continued with varying levels of distancing; which has left many alone, with more time on their hand.

With normal-looking very different to usual, alternative healing practices such as yoga and meditation are being used to assist.

Global spiritual school using healing therapies like yoga to lift anxiety: