Special Assignment exclusive investigation on Tracy Morrison

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A compulsive perpetrator of scams, lies, abductions and impersonations of the FBI… these are just some of the accusations levelled against alleged serial fraudster Tracy Morrison.

Twenty years ago I exposed her in the Mail & Guardian as a fake stargazer – a bogus Hollywood movie mogul – who was trying to con Joburg’s mink and manure set into investing in her non-existent movies. Her father was Al Pacino! Her neighbour was Clint Eastwood! And she had wed or bedded many of Tinseltown’s A-listers.

She had also claimed to have seduced cricket legends like the late Hansie Cronje and insisted that once upon a time she was married to STAN Katz – former CEO of Radio 702. But when she was uncovered as an imposter, her fake persona along with her fake American accent rapidly disintegrated. I thought she had learned her lesson. I was wrong!

Twenty years later, in February this year, I was contacted by the mother of one of her more recent victims. It was evident that Morrison’s scams had allegedly evolved into much more sophisticated, sinister and downright cruel scams. So resumed an exclusive investigation that continues to delve into the darkest recesses of an alleged sociopath, uncovering alleged crimes that confound the imagination.

In our previous 3 episodes, Special Assignment exposed details of Morrison’s alleged bizarre and sinister three-decade long crime spree, and the fear her scores of alleged victims felt about reporting her because of her alleged police connections. Morrison allegedly used Sandton Police Station as her personal crime scene from where she allegedly conducted bogus investigations with impunity, in collusion with former police officers, even allegedly abducting a 7-year old child under the guise of the USA Department of Justice.

In this episode, we reveal further crimes allegedly committed by Morrison after she was arrested on the 24th of July this year and released on bail. Between July and September she allegedly scammed six more victims out of hundreds of thousands of rands, even allegedly forging signatures and committing identity theft. Yet within the bizarre labyrinth of lies she has constructed around her life we discover that there are also tragic threads of truth.

But this time Sandton police have not let Morrison off the hook. Thanks to Special Assignments’s exclusive investigations, she has since been re-arrested and this time, bail has been denied. Her next court appearance is on the 9th of November. Furthermore, after our previous exposes, a provincial SAPS task team has been mandated to further investigate her alleged police impersonations and the alleged complicity of former police officers.

It finally looks like the end of the road for this alleged serial fraudster and sociopath.

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Report by: Hezel Friedman

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