Soweto taxi organisations to state reasons for not closing taxi ranks

Soweto Taxi Association Poster
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Soweto taxi organisations have until the end of Thursday to state reasons why they don’t want their taxi ranks to be closed.

From January to date, a number of people have been killed and several minibus taxis have been damaged due to the ongoing feud between WATA and NANDUWE  taxi associations in Soweto.

Gauteng Transport MEC, Ismael Vadi is saddened by the ongoing taxi violence; he says this kind of situation is unacceptable and that he intends to close both ranks and routes for three months.

“This kind of situation is unacceptable, it is putting the lives of ordinary commuters at risk, residents in the area are at risk, the safety is not guaranteed, ordinary people are getting mugged in the process. I have given the notice of my intention to shut down the ranks for the next three months, the organisations and the interested parties have got until the end of today to tell me why I should not do that,” says Vadi.

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