South Africans urged to maintain good mental health

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Clinical Psychologists are calling on South Africans to try to do their best to ensure they maintain good mental health – despite several people experiencing COVID-19-mental-fatigue.

With the coronavirus continuing to spread and trigger new COVID-19 hot spots across the country, dozens of people who have not fallen ill due to the virus have reported feeling mentally fatigued amid the pandemic.

Clinical Psychologist Suntosh Pillay says there is an increase of people across the globe experiencing mental weariness and stressing over the future.

“Although there have been many achievements in people’s lives personally, I think as a whole it is a year that we are going to mourn and for many people, it is kind of one of those lost years. So I think we kind of have to be sensitive to the kinds of experiences that people have had in 2020 and the kinds of disappointments that they have experienced.”

Pillay says, “So, I don’t think it is going to be the kind of festive season that people are used to under normal circumstances and in many ways, I think we are holding on to the hope that 2021 is going to be a different year. But the flip side of that is that good mental health is also cumulative and it is the small things that we have to do every day to ensure that we have good mental health.”

SA Depression and Anxiety Group’s Operations Director, Cassey Chambers:

The health ministry says 254 more people have died from COVID-19 related complications bringing the national death toll to 24 539. The Eastern Cape is again worst affected – recording 85 new deaths.

The ministry says 10 939 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the last reporting period – taking the total number of confirmed cases to 912 477.